Laura McGreal & Karen Schwartz Group (LMKS)


When the real-estate company LMKLS approached us to create holiday gifts for all of their clients, we couldn’t wait to get started. They were looking to send traditional food-based holiday gifts yet wanted something far more custom, on-brand and unique than the typical fruit basket.


Keeping their logo colors of black and white in mind, we designed food centric gifts that were sure to help them stand out from the crowd. Crisp white magnetic-closure boxes were filled with branded coffee mugs, artisan coffee and hot chocolate as well as small batch, freshly baked biscotti. As an added holiday keepsake, we added sugar- grapefruit scented travel candles and candle stopper. The gifts were finished off with holiday accents in the form of fresh eucalyptus and  as well as custom holiday cards. The gift boxes were closed off with black raw edge ribbon and custom logo gift tags. The end result was an on-brand holiday gift that was a far cry from a traditional fruit basket!