Unique Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate gift-giving may tend towards repetition and monotony. Presented here are novel corporate gifting concepts aimed at revitalizing the practice and distinguishing your company amidst its peers.

Customized Experience Box 

Instead of a traditional gift such as a mug, a customized experience box offers excitement, and an experience itself. Not only is this gift unique, it can be tailored to specific themes or occasions. An example of one could be “Virtual happy Hour”, and the items in the box could include; gourmet snacks, cocktail mixers, cups, and a drink recipe. This gift offers a unique experience of fun, and shows the thought and care behind choosing a non simple gift for your employees/co-workers. 

Seasonal Decor + Festive Gift Sets 

Create custom seasonal gift sets including festive decorations, seasonal treats, and other themed occasions. This gift offers a more personal and unique approach on corporate gifting. These items can be kept at their home, or the office, in addition to being universal and versatile.

Customized Apparel + Accessories 

Offer personalized apparel and accessories such as embroidered tote bags, engraved mugs/cups/water bottles, sweatshirts, etc. You can get creative, and customize any apparel or accessories for your employees/co-workers, and align it with the company’s or recipient's style.

Wellness/Self-Care Kits 

Often employees work themselves hard, and forget that their well being is just as important as work. Create custom, or previously made wellness kits to promote relaxation and self care. This can include essential oils, tea, journals, bath salts, and many more.

Executive Gift sets 

Create luxury custom gift sets tailored for executives. This can include things such as; premium office accessories, gourmet treats, personalized stationery, sophisticated tech gadgets, and many more.

Tech Gadgets 

Depending on their job position, many workers are often sitting at a desk, and looking at a computer screen for the majority of the day. Curate a selection of tech gadgets that are both practical and trendy that can elevate technology use during the day. Examples could consist of wireless chargers, smart devices such as an Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or stylish laptop sleeves chosen to align with the recipient's style. 


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